Sunday, August 12, 2012

GOOD CLEAN FUN band Positive Hardcore Hoodie (SOLD)

Condition : A
Tag : Fruit of the Loom
Color : Dark blue
Description: pre-owned/ original/ bundle/ hoodie
Size : S (pit to pit = 19.5", back collar to hem = 24")
Price : RM 68

Good Clean Fun is a Posicore (positive hardcore) band from Washington, D.C. Formed by four “Vegan Straightedge dudes” in 1997 because “the hardcore scene was in dire need of a sense of humor”, this band uses self-irony when spreading their message of veganism, straight edge, and positivity. Their main influence is New York straight edge group Gorilla Biscuits, “We tried to sound as much like Gorilla Biscuits as possible.” Other influences include 7 Seconds, Minor Threat, and Youth of Today. 

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